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Hogan Assessments

About Hogan Assessment Systems

International authority in personality assessment and in consultancy, Hogan Assessments has more than three decays of experience in dramatic reduction of the turnover and productivity increase, in helping the companies to hire suitable people, developing talents and assessing leadership potential.

Based on more than a century of science and sustained by the biggest and completes array of research in industry, Hogan Assessments predict job performance through personality assessment in normal conditions, identifies deviant characteristics and base values. Hogan portfolio includes employees selection, development and leadership tools, that allow companies to better manager their most precious assets – people.


Personality psychological assessments represent the best practices for talent selection and development.

”Bright Side” of the Personality

Hogan Personality Profile (HPI) – Reveal the strengths and the abilities that facilitate professional career development.   Personality traits have impact on the way the person rapports to the professional environment and interaction with others.  This assessment identifies visible aspects of the personality – those behavioral trends, which are easily seen and contribute to professional performances.  It is relevant for a certain position – low or high scores can be strengths in some professional contexts or development opportunities depending on the position requirements.

”Dark Side” of the Personality

Hogan Development Profile (HDS) – Identifies dysfunctional dispositions – behavioral trends that appear under pressure and in stress conditions or fatigue that can lead to professional failure.  The tool assesses 11 behavioral themes capable to undermine the professional relations and to reduce career development potential. These dysfunctional dispositions can influence the actions and the leadership style of a person. Most of the people, when they are under pressure can show certain contra productive trends or risk factors. In normal circumstances, these characteristics can be considered strengths, but when a person is tired, stressed or distracted, these risk factors affect the personal efficiency and erode the quality of the relations with customers, colleagues or subordinates.

Internal Elements of the Personality – Motivational factors

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory  (MVPI) – Identifies the  compatibility between personal motivational factors and the organizational culture and indicates in what types of jobs and professional environments can a person be most motivated  to work.

These motivational “drivers” show the central values and areas interests of a person. These information are very useful for determine the type organizational environment in which a person can have the best performance and the type of organizational culture that a leader will create.

Simona Cimpoieru is certified in Hogan Assessments methodology.

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