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Learning new skills in a changing environment

Changing environment Organizations are facing a wave of change because of new emerging technologies. Advanced technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, augmented reality, RPA…

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A Reskilling Story by Ioana Oprea

From Broken Pieces to Stained Glass Art Broken Pieces I woke up one morning  recognized the unfolding grief pattern with all of its phases: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. For the first time in my career, I would be ‘unemployed’. The dreaded word we always think happens to other people. ‘It will go away in the morning’, said the inner ostrich hiding deep in the ever shifting balmy s of ignorance. Stormy thoughts started to question the sense of justice behind it. They taught us life is a reflection of the stands we’ve accepted, in other words, we get what we deserve.  This made sense for the winning years. Maybe it was the wrong company, or time to switch jobs. Maybe I should go back to the previous IT consulting company and renegotiate. Luckily dignity steps in when sense takes a ride, the faithful watcher is a pro at guarding the doors of the past well shut. Glass Window of Opportunities Once my full cycle…

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