Recognition and Development of Talents

Recognition and development of Talents

Outstanding performance

There are many views on what talent is and lately talent concept is everywhere. Talent means different things for businesses, that is why there are ambiguities about it. Industries leaders have different views on talent depending on their needs.

For most of them, talent is either a characteristic of people or is synonym of people. It can also be high potential or an inclusive approach where all employees are talents. If all employees are talents before we recruit talents, we need to answer a question. What exactly can we classify as talents? The answer gets complicated and we need criteria to decide what is talent or not.

Development of talent and talent assessment is another problem to solve. Talent can be an inborn ability, high potential, mastery, organizational fit, competencies, or capabilities. Talent can be all these things together, but in the end what we aim for is an outstanding performance.

Recognition of talents as gifts

According to talents parable, talents are real grace gifts. We can ignore it because of fear, multiply to thrive or transform it in a real treasure. Sense of fulfillment and joy while doing our job is a sign that we are acting on our personal values and talents. That is why recognition and rewarding of people’s talents provides a feeling of accomplishment.

The blend between joy, passion, skillfulness, and enthusiasm in our jobs is the talent. Parable of talents is like a friendly warning on an inner self-discovery journey. Those of us who misuse their talents are depriving themselves from the gift of grace. When leaders do not foster employees’ talents, they don’t serve their own talent.

Talent is the grace that always amazes and inspires us. These times of troubles are making us question our journey in life and face uncertainty. Now the commitment to our personal values faces a challenge. That’s why remaining in service to our talents is a prove of faith and resilience in our journey.


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