Learning new skills in a changing environment

Changing environment

Organizations are facing a wave of change because of new emerging technologies. Advanced technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, augmented reality, RPA strongly impact the labour market.

The use of AI is seen as a business advantage by 72% of business decision makers. According to a recent research about 60% of jobs can be automated. The software market is constantly growing and so does the skill gap that negatively impacts the organizations’ capability to implement new technological developments.

Adoption of AI-powered technologies that is expected to triple by 2021. In US about 45% of employers are not able to fill the jobs they have available.  It’s seems that staying competitive has become survival competition related to implementing new tech. Adoption of AI-powered technologies that is expected to triple by 2021.

The growth mindset, ability to learn continuously

In an  report about 2020 learning trends among the skills that are most needed is the growth mindset defined as the ability to learn continuously and willingness to adapt to change. Learning new skills is the first thing to do in order to adapt and survive in a constantly changing environment. More IT companies adopt agile methodology to face the changes and stay competitive.

Agility relates to fast movements and alignment to change of the environment. Seeing organisations as  agile organisms  makes continuous learning a strategic measure that contributes to the growth mindset, and it can strengthen companies.

Learning new skills  and recognition for competence

The easiest way to change the odds and remain competitive is to learn new skills. Agile organizations are like a learning and adapting living organism that is constantly growing. In such an environment learning new skills increases the possibilities to thrive and get recognized for competencies.

For job seekers, not having the right skills set limits employability prospects and access to jobs. There are a lot of free learning resources to use, but it seems that our time became the most valuable and expensive learning resource of all. New technologies like machine learning, augmented and virtual reality improved the learning experience personalization. When we make future investments decisions in learning new skills, we need to manage the time and costs we spend or don’t spend learning.

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