Tips to improve your CV

Tips to improve your CV

The best CV to get a job is the one that tells your story in terms of strengths, achievements, and skills. It’s important to adapt your CV to each position you are applying for, in order to respond to the job requirements presented in the job add.  Your CV needs to hook its reader within seconds because recruiters are receiving hundreds of applications.

 These are some tips to improve your CV

  • Present the information in a concise, yet readable form
  • Tailor your CV to each particular job that you apply for and include in your CV relevant details to the job offer
  • Whether six months in one role or several years, be clear where you added value and your personal contributions
  • Include all relevant skills gained and required in previous positions because  they should demonstrate your suitability for the job
  • Don’t forget to brag, list your results and achievements – present your results, so they see that you achieved your targets, the STAR method is useful for this
  • Highlight relevant educational certificates and education, sometimes education is a critical requirement
  • The layout of your CV needs to be clear and structured
  • Include instantly recognizable keywords throughout your CV and avoid jargon. Keep in mind that the person reading your CV may not be a technical or an industry expert

You may possess all the desired skills and experience to excel in a role, but if you don’t document them clearly in your CV, you can be excluded from the shortlist for the job you’ve applied for.

Past work experiences are key predictors for future job performance. Don’t forget that the purpose of your CV is to point out the strengths, work experiences and personal contributions to the jobs you previously had.  This is how you can actually increase your chances to get a new position and to have the best CV for the job you are applying for.

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