How to Answer Job interview Questions

 Job Interview Questions

We change jobs, at least, several times during our professional life. Career change is a personal choice we make in order to seek opportunities for personal development and growth. A recent LinkedIn global survey showed that career opportunity is that main reason behind our decision to change jobs. This proves that we are naturally oriented to grow and thrive.

Job seeking and answering job questions are lifetime skills that we should always be prepared for. As a recruiter, I listen all kind of answers from candidates. Some answers are good, some are not, and some are really bad.

You don’t enjoy questions like, Why should I hire you? What is your greatest accomplishment? Which are your weaknesses? These are classical questions and the answers to this type of questions are predictable. The problem with these questions is that they are not specific. This is why the answers will be vague, almost irrelevant and will allow a lot of subjectivity from both sides.

During job interviews, you are supposed to impress your interviewers.  And yes,  our body language stresses out how we are feeling at that particular moment. Just be aware of this, because it can be a bias. Interviewers are interpreting the answers according to their perspectives and considering the type of skills and attitudes they are searching for.

If you are thinking that there are perfect answers to this classical questions, I would advise you to think again. Looking for the perfect answers or reactions to these questions is a waste of time. You can search typical answers, learn them by heart and even make yourself believe that they are your own, but they won’t represent you.

All recruiters are making efforts to set clear criteria for assessing the answers they receive as being the right ones, good or acceptable. Even with these efforts, there’s the risk of making a bad hiring decision and this risk comes from both sides.

Authenticity is a critical requirement for both candidate and interviewer in order to make a successful hire. To convince the interviewers that you are a match for that job, you need to intend exactly what are you saying, otherwise, the answers won’t convince anyone.

How exactly are we supposed to approach these questions in order to be convincing and authentic?

I would advise anyone to demonstrate their skills with their own intelligence and not assuming that copy pasted answers will do the trickThis can be easily be done by exemplifying during the interview with:

  1. Efficient behaviours and habits,
  2. Describing real contributions and accomplishments,
  3. Showing how you solved problems and
  4. Talking about your implication with co-workers.

If you are constantly looking for ways to be appreciated, learn more and better position yourself in the organizations you  are working  for, take this as a good sign meaning that you want to evolve. This is a perfectly normal path you should take because you are only being human striving for integrity and fulfilment.

Being aware of our personal values,  getting to know what you standing for, understanding the emotional and rational traits that you possess, is definitely a step towards achieving career success and do well at job interviews.

The ancient Greek aphorism Know Thyself will be forever trendy and critical requirement in achieving success in our professional life.



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