Communication Makes you Confident

Communicate to become Confident!

Our need to communicate is directly related to our need to establish relationships with each other. We face this need on daily basis, whether we accept is as such or not.

There are factors that might ruin the communication process: our own feelings and personal approach towards the receiver, the fear of saying things that might upset the other person, the way our message impacts our personal image in front of our friends, co-workers, family, assumptions made toward the hostile approach of the persons we communicate with, the projection of our own mental image that could be completely different from others’ perspective.

If there are so many factors that influence the communication process, what should we do next to deal with them?

The answer is that we should become knowledgeable of these factors that might alter the way we communicate.

There is no doubt that we all need to talk, to be understood, to be rewarded, and to be valued. When we do not talk about the topics that interest us, we become tensed and we close up.

However, our silence is another way to communicate, because we are sending non-verbal messages with our presence and our body. The state of mind and resentments are perceived and understood by people standing next to us. Just because we don’t say the words, doesn’t mean that we do not communicate. Because bitter words that remain untold change later on into resentments that can harm us.

Whenever we are not understood or listened to, our natural tendency is to run away from others, cut all ties with the others. For example, if we feel we are not appreciated for the work we do and there are no means to bring personal contributions, then the outcome is that our trust in our professional capabilities is diminished.

Whenever we answer our need to communicate, we offer ourselves an opportunity to gain confidence in our own strengths.

If we have become aware that we need communication, the next step is to practice communication and express ourselves. Just like any other skill, communication can be practiced and improved. By training this skill, we offer ourselves a major opportunity to know ourselves better and strengthen our relationships.

There is, however, one important issue that we have to address and that is communication accountability. How do we answer our communication need with accountability? By offering good and positive words to ourselves the ones around us, words which are spoken with accountability, honesty, and feeling. We all know that words can bring us together or take us apart from each other, they can bring comfort or suffering and leave traces in our minds and hearts.

So, if we empower ourselves and people around us, we can generate authentic communication that can create a respectful and trustworthy work environment. Find kind words for yourself and people around you!



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