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Empathy, Understanding, Emotions and Perspectives

Empathy, Understanding, Emotions and Perspectives

Reasoning or Sensing? Could empathizing with our co-workers add a new light on the issues we have to solve? Or is it just about recognizing our own…
How to Answer Job interview Questions

How to Answer Job interview Questions

 Job Interview Questions We change jobs, at least, several times during our professional life. Career change is a personal choice we make in order to…
Communication  Makes you  Confident

Communication Makes you Confident

Communicate to become Confident! Our need to communicate is directly related to our need to establish relationships with each other. We face this need on…

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HRT Career provides International Recruitment and HR Development. Through competency-based approach and partnerships, we help businesses develop and we improve human resources processes.

Continuous improvement of organizational competencies builds a working environment that encourages professional performance, creativity, and trust.


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